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ChesapeakeLiving.com launched in May 2014. Our goal is to connect you to fun, adventure and interesting stories in the Chesapeake Bay region.

You’ll find insider information on places to visit and insights about the people who live here. Links and events are not paid advertisement; they provide more info if you want it.

We’re based in Severna Park, just outside of Annapolis. The town is a former 1920s train-stop for summer getaways on the Severn River and not worth a visit unless you know someone here.  We’re going to show you many other interesting places around the Chesapeake Bay.

Here’s what we’re focusing on:

Communities (the towns)

  • What’s in these towns around the Chesapeake to see and do.


  • There are a bunch of nice beaches around the Bay, no need to go to the coast. We let you know what they’re like so you can find one that fits your needs.

Outdoor Life

  • A look at outdoor activities that people in the area thrive on. We’ll feature sail boating, power boating, cycling, hunting, fishing, etc.

Community Calendar/Events

  • We want to let you know what cool events are happening in the area — festivals, fairs, races and such.


  • In depth stories about the people and life around the Chesapeake Bay.

Regional News

  • Short articles about local or regional stuff that’s different or just plain interesting.


We’ll be making lots of changes at time goes on. Keep coming back to check out what’s new.

Hope you enjoy it.



Cynthia Reuter, Publisher/Editor & Writer

(contact: cynthia@chesapeakeliving.com)

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Staff Photo
Staff Photo

I’m a political journalist out of Washington, DC who’s jumping back into local life.

I spent the first part of my career as a radio reporter in Missouri, writing about city hall, county commissioners, school board meetings; you get the picture. My goal at that time was to cover Congress. And eventually, I got that job, packed my hatchback with all my belongings and left local behind.

That was 1992, just in time for the Clinton inauguration. I was sitting in the scaffolding behind Clinton when he took the oath.

For the past 20 years, I’ve been a TV producer. I’ve been to national political conventions, covered presidential and congressional elections, followed all sorts of bill debate in Congress. But I missed telling stories of life, getting out into the community and connecting with people.

Now here I am, with ChesapeakeLiving.com. Yes, this pic is a “selfie.” That’s why I’m a writer.



Photo by Jake Scheur

Jake Schuer, Photographer

Also a long-time TV person. Jake is a what we call a “Camera Guy.” He runs around with big video camera on his shoulder. He’s also a director and a satellite truck operator. Camera Guys (which includes a number of women) are a hearty bunch; they have to pack a lot of weight, run to events, and stand outside in all sorts of weather. Kinda like cowboys, but Jake is the New York City version.

When not working, he snaps pictures. Jake calls his self-portrait profile picture, “Coffee Cup.”

It was taken with an iphone


Mark von Rinteln, Photographer

In real life Mark is a website designer, but for ChesapeakeLiving.com he’s our photographer. You see him here on his power boat, rafted up on the Rhodes River. Mark has taken many amazing pictures of the Bay. This is not one of them. This is by staff, but we think it captures Mark. You’ll spot his pics as you flip around the website.



Gary OsterGary Oster, Contributor

Author of the ChesapeakeLiving.com fishing blog

Captain Gary has been fishing with his dad since a wee minnow. Gary’s Dad is now retired but still comes out on the Bay. They mainly go for rockfish, but Gary’s traveled the U.S. fishing just about everything he can catch.

3 thoughts on “About Us

  • July 23, 2014 at 10:00 am

    What a great site! Happy to have discovered it.

    As a lifelong lover (no seriously, was being taken to the family place even as an infant!) of the Chesapeake Bay near the Rappahannock River, I’m happy to see what ChesapeakeLiving can teach me about the upper bay.

    I’m from Richmond VA but now live in Alexandria VA and work in DC. This region has a lot to show me. Exciting!

    Thanks, Stuart

  • July 6, 2014 at 5:46 pm

    Wonderful site! I’m so glad to have a well laid out resource to find events and insider info on beaches and other activities along the bay. Well done!

  • April 30, 2014 at 7:13 am

    Awesome web page, I can’t wait to start using it to find fun things to do on the weekends. Great job. You can see all the hard work that you put into this site.


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