Tolchester Beach

Beach at Tolchester Marina
Former Tolchester Beach (Photo by Jake Scheuer)

Tolchester Beach doesn’t exist anymore. It was a popular beach resort for nearly 85 years.

The resort was built in 1877 when a Chesapeake Bay ferry stopped there. It had a 155 acre amusement park bordered by sang beaches. The park included a merry-go-round, roller coaster, carousel, harness racing and a roller skating rink.

But then the Chesapeake Bay Bridge opened in 1952, opening up Maryland and Delaware’s Eastern Shore to family vacations. The ferries stopped running across the Chesapeake Bay and the vacation resorts withered away.

While Betterton, up the Bay a bit, was able to hang on, Tolchester didn’t. All that remains is Tolchester is a marina with a small, private swimming beach and swimming pool.

There’s a museum in Rock Hall that tells the story of Tolchester Beach Revised.

A word of advice, don’t go looking for the beach. We did. Oops.





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