Tangier Island Beach

Tangier Beach on Tangier Island
Tangier Beach

Tangier Island beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Chesapeake Bay. It’s amazingly natural with sparkling, off-white sand. The water is a clear blue-green. It is unique. The catch is that you get to the island only by boat, and the ferries go back-and-forth only a couple times a day. 

16799 Hog Ridge Rd, Tangier, VA 23440

Directions: Once you get on Tangiers Island, walk down Main Ridge Road, turn right onto Factory Road, and left onto West Ridge Road and continue on as it turns into Hog Ridge Road. The beach entrance is at the end of Hog Ridge Road.

Tangier Beach entrance on Tangier Island
Hog Ridge Road ends at the beach entrance (the board walk on the other side of this puddle). You walk through tidal marsh and an occasional clear pond on the trail. About a 5-minute walk from here to the beach.

Because of its location, you’re unlikely to go to Tangier Island just to lay on the beach, but if you do make a weekend- or day-trip to the island, set aside some time to visit the beach.

It’s on the south end of the island and the sand edges the entire tip going into the Chesapeake Bay. The beach’s dunes protect Tangier Island’s sensitive marshland.

There are no facilities on the beach and it’s about a 20-minute walk from the business district where the nearest store and most restaurants are located.

There are few cars on the island; you get to the beach by walking, bicycle or golf cart. You can take a bicycle, but you can also rent one — as well as golf carts — on Main Street.

Path to Tangier Beach on Tangier Island
Path over dunes to Tangier Beach

Once you get to the beach, you’ll have to walk through shallow tidal ponds (the size of large puddles) and over dunes. Wear water shoes or go barefoot if want to keep your shoes dry. Check with the locals about beach rules.

It’s an all-natural beach. There are no trash cans, so you have to carry out everything you take in.

Several ferry lines will take you to Tangiers Island. They leave from both the West Coast and the East Coast.

For more information about Tangier Island, see our info page.







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