Here are a couple things to know about cleaning and lubricating your bicycle for the summer. These are simple do’s and don’ts using products most people keep in the house. 

1) Cleaning White Handlebars & Seats

White handlebars and seats are the rage right now, but they instantly get dirty. Jason Chance, owner of TriCycle & Run in St. Michaels, Maryland, recommends “Hands down, rubbing alcohol.” Just put it on a rag and clean real well on that spot. The important part is to keep moving to a clean area on the rag.

2) Don’t use WD-40

Can you use WD-40 on bikes?  “No, No, No” says Jason. If you spray it onto a chain, it can actually attract more dirt and pull out the lubrication. If you put WD-40 on wheel rims, you’re just making the braking surface slick. Use rubbing alcohol, instead, to clean the braking surface. But check with your local bike shop to see what cleaning product works best for your area.