2014 Annapolis Boat Show Poster Winners

The 2014 Bay Bridge Boat Show poster (April 11-13 at Bay Bridge Marina)  is a watercolor by 12-year-old artist Brenna Litynski.

2014 Annapolis Boat Show poster winner
By 12-year-old Brenna Litynski of Annapolis

She says the poster combines two ideas: crossing the Bay Bridge to see her grandparents in Delaware and her first boat trip to tag “stripers” (striped bass) with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

“It took me two days and a few tries,” Brenna says. “Painting water is really hard and I had to try different techniques to make the water in my picture look real.”

Brenna is one of the youngest members in the Annapolis Watercolor Club.

“I just LOVE painting and drawing, and I look forward to doing it everyday,” says Brenna. “I want to keep improving in different mediums.”

Brenna is homeschooled; and after graduating? “I plan on going to college to do something in marine science and art,” she says “and find a way to maybe combine both of these things.”

Like most ‘tweeners’ she has dreams, “In the future, it would be great to have more of my art hang in galleries and homes.” And that’s not too far off.  Copies of Brenna’s power-boat poster will be for sale during the boat show. She plans to donate her proceeds to the Veterans Artist Program.


Kaeli Smith painted the Spring Sailboat Show (April 25-27) poster design.

Kaeli Smith 2014 Spring Annapolis Boat Show poster winner
By Kaeli Smith of Annapolis

She’s a University of Delaware fine art student planning to graduate in 2015. Along with watercolors, she’s also a photographer and has her own line of Annapolis-style clothing (meaning:  bright, colorful sundresses). Her design company is based in Annapolis, but the clothing is sold in resort-wear shops and online.

Their posters will be available at the different boat shows and signed posters will be available for purchase.

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