Daniel Kwon, a recreational angler, out of Gaithersburg, Maryland, caught the 50-pound catfish out of the Potomac River in  Fletchers Cove. 

“Some buddies and I went kayaking in the Potomac (near Fletchers Cove) for big blue catfish,” he wrote for Maryland’s Angler Log.

“We were drifting down current using cut bonito in about 50-60 ft of water. It was a relatively slow day but I eventually got a massive bite which I initially thought was a snag. Sure enough, the fish started running and peeling drag! After some commotion, I was able to land this HOG of a catfish. It maxed out my scale at 50 lb and was 47 inches long!”

Blue catfish are an invasive species added to Chesapeake Bay rivers by sportsmen back in the 1800s to increase the types of sports fishing. State officials have no catch-limit on Blue Catfish; they can get huge and take needed resources from native fish.