Annapolis-area bridge sports new ‘urban art’

If you’re boating under the U.S. Naval Academy Bridge over the Severn River in  Annapolis, you may notice some new lettering on the columns. The urban art is apparently compliment of the US Naval Academy Rowing Team, Class of 2016. fishing blogger Gary Oster was looking for rockfish when he came upon this:

under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge
Fishing blogger Gary Oster notices a little action under the U.S. Naval Academy bridge (Maryland Route 450 from above) while trolling for rockfish in the Severn River of the Chesapeake Bay and decides to investigate.
students under the US Naval Academy Bridge
Gary pulls a little closer and finds young men on the concrete columns of the U.S. Naval Academy Bridge. You see the US Naval Academy on shore behind the columns.
A column under the Naval Academy Bridge seems to be getting some urban-style artwork
They seem to be adding some artwork to the pilings of the Naval Academy Bridge that crosses the Severn River to Annapolis, Maryland. According to Wikipedia, “It is commonly referred to as “Oh Shit Bridge” by Midshipmen, as the Academy Chapel is seen when a car crests the bridge and the midshipman in question typically utters the phrase above.”
students under the Naval Academy Bridge
Viola! An “A” is nearly complete on one of the columns under the Naval Academy Bridge, courtesy — according to the men — of the US Naval Academy Rowing Team, Class of 2016. Notice the letters are in the Naval Academy colors of navy blue and gold. 

Photos by Gary Oster


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