Another Big Menhaden Dump. 75,000 fish (give or take) beach on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

Omega Protein, Virginia’s remaining fish processing company, is cleaning up thousands of dead fish that began washing ashore over the weekend. The dead Altantic menhaden are lining the beaches on Savage Neck Dunes Natural Area Preserve and Cape Charles.

The company says the fish slipped through a tear in a net as the were being loaded onto a processing ship. Omega spokesman Ben Landry told the Virginia Pilot that sort of thing happens a few times a year, but usually the little silvery fish float out to sea.

Omega informed the state of Virginia of the accident last Wednesday. Omega told the public in a news release dated the following Monday (Oct. 12). But as Tamara Dietrich reports that was after residents started smelling the fish. 

Omega is taking full responsibility and cleaning up the mess on Virginia’s beaches with the company picking up the tab. The state is happy that Omega reported in a timely manner. Beachside homeowners are a bit upset about their beaches and wasted fish.

Omega Protein is the main U.S. supplier of fish oil supplements. As we reported a year ago, the company has dumped menhaden before, but they do clean it up if the fish don’t float away.


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