My dad, Albert C. Oster, hadn’t caught a rockfish since he got rid of The Boat, a 1987 21.5-foot Steiger Craft.

For decades it was my dad’s Ocean City flounder fishing machine. He sold to me when he and mom moved moved south. I handed it over to Smith’s Marina for the final phase of a three phase renovation.

Since that conversation in February, my mom and dad were both seriously injured by a car when they were walking through a crosswalk while on vacation in Florida.  After difficult surgery, prolonged emergency room visits, nearly a hundred doctor visits and months of therapy, they were both released from their respective doctors.  To celebrate, they decided to go on vacation again; yesterday my folks flew back to Maryland to vacation with us here in Annapolis.

This morning my 85-year-old dad, Albert C, and I decided to go fishing on “Albert C.”  Yes, when I bought his 27-year-old fishing boat two years ago I renamed it after him since it never had a name other than the one he and the family used.  We just called it ‘the boat’.  Anyhow since it was moved from Ocean City (exactly two years to the day) to our creek in Annapolis, and after dozens of trips, dad has never been able to catch a rockfish whenever we went out on his old boat.

“The boat is mad at me,” he’d say. “When am I going to catch a keeper?”

That changed today. He caught this beautiful 25-inch rockfish at Thomas Point Lighthouse on light tackle (6lb. test/1/2 oz Kastmaster). He and I were thrilled.

It was a memory made that he and I will never forget!

He also caught 13 bluefish — all in 90 minutes!

Needless to say he is one happy guy!

Albert Oster catches a rockfish

Albert Oster catches a rockfish