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Annapolis has some very distinct areas & neighborhoods. Each is a different adventure.

Annapolis’ Main Street – Shopping Center

Main Street in Annapolis going downhill to the harbor.
Main Street in Annapolis going downhill to the harbor. This is the main shopping section, but there are many shops off on the side street.

Main Street is the town center, where the action happens in historic Annapolis. The brick street is lined with former Colonial homes, inns and warehouses that are now lively bars, restaurants, shops and boutiques. 


Annapolis Harbor – known as “Ego Alley”

Early morning on the harbor entrance into Annapolis, called "Ego Alley"
Early morning at “Ego Alley,” the entrance to the Annapolis Harbor, usually full of boats and visitors.

The Annapolis waterfront area is called “Ego Alley” because boaters traverse into the offshoot to take a lap, turn around at the end and go back out. Boaters enjoy the challenge of the pivot, and check out what’s happening in downtown Annapolis along the way. This is where you’ll find waterfront restaurants, some shops and little parks with great water views. 


U.S. Naval Academy

Bancroft Hall at the U.S. Naval Academy
Bancroft Hall on the U.S. naval Academy campus is the largest college dormitory in the U.S. .

The Naval Academy has regularly scheduled tours. You catch them at the Visitors Center. Check the academy website to see if they’re open to visitors any particular day. A full look-about of the campus can take a day.


Maryland State Capitol

Maryland State Capitol on State Circle
The Maryland state capitol in Annapolis’ State Circle, the ‘Capitol Hill’ of Maryland

State Circle is the capitol hill of Maryland. The State House (state capitol building) is center of the circle and the governor’s mansion is just outside it. The circle has great views of the city as well as some restaurants and a few shops.


Annapolis Colonial Neighborhood

James Brice House, Annapolis, MD
“The James Brice House is one of the largest and most elegant of Annapolis’s historic homes, and one of the most important surviving structures from colonial America.” – Historic Annapolis

If you want to stroll through time this is your walk-a-bout. This area has more restored historic homes than any other section of Annapolis. The merchant mansions are on top of the hill. The homes get smaller as you go downhill until you walk past wood-sided watermen houses and Colonial warehouses nearest the waterfront. 


Maryland Avenue – Annapolis’ antique section

Maryland Avenue in Annapolis, MD
Maryland Avenue, an area of boutiques, antique stores & restaurants in Annapolis

Maryland Avenue is the “Antique Row” section of Annapolis, down one of the spokes off State Circle. It’s a little off the beaten path, but a nice stop when touring the historic Colonial neighborhood.


Maritime Republic of Eastport – an Annapolis neighborhood

Annapolis Maritime Museum
Annapolis Maritime Museum in Eastport, an Annapolis neighborhood. It’s a former oyster cannery and tells the story of watermen on the Chesapeake Bay.

Eastport is a neighborhood of Annapolis across the Spa Creek bridge, an easy walk from downtown. They call themselves the Maritime Republic of Eastport and make an attempt to secede from the city every year. It turns into a big party.  This neighborhood was created by watermen families and has been gentrified by modern boaters, with boaters’ bars, shops, museums and lots of live music during a normal year. 


West Street – Upper and Lower (bars, restaurants, art galleries)

West Street a restaraurant, art gallery section of Annapolis
West Street is also known as Annapolis’ Arts and Entertainment District.

Lower West Street

West Street is the Arts District of Annapolis. But, (lower) West Street is where you’ll find Colonial bars, restaurants and lots of live music on weekends. Several of the bars are said to be haunted. The street is often closed to traffic during the summer for festivals and dining under the stars with tables set up on the street. 

Upper West Street

This part of West Street is a “newer” section of town and is known for its hipster restaurants. It’s a bit too far to walk from downtown, but you’ll find trollies, pedicabs or electric carts circling the area to take you around downtown.


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