Antebellum Virginia For Sale 4 Hours SW of DC

Historic Black Walnut plantation in Virginia is going on the auction block. Actually, the plantation’s “stuff” will be auctioned first this weekend

Black Walnut Plantation, VA
Black Walnut Plantation in Virginia – Main House (photo courtesy Zillow)

The property in Randolph, VA goes back to the 1770s and was one of the largest plantations of the region, until the Civil War. Denise Watson with The Virginian-Pilot reports the only Civil War skirmish to take place in the county, the 1864 Battle of the Staunton River Bridge, happened on the property. And now, it’s for sale.

The uncle who lived there last, former local Republican Party chairman Tucker Watkins IV, died in 2012. The remaining family is spread around the country and nobody wants to live on a large historic plantation in rural Virginia.

Main parlor of Black Walnut Plantation, Virginia
Parlor in the main house (photo courtesy Zillow)

The asking price for the 5,400-square-foot manor home and land:  $2.05 million and it includes the 5,396 square foot house on the National Register of Historic Places with five bedrooms and five bathrooms, 775 acres, a 3-acre pond and a terraced and an extensive boxwood garden.

The family has donated historic documents to the University of Virginia and will be selling the remaining contents, including a Chickering rosewood piano that hasn’t been moved for 100 years because of its heft.

“That’s worth at least three or four hernias,” says county historian and antique dealer Chip Pottage.

Check out the pictures of the property.

Read more about the home and its contents in Denise Watson’s story on


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