At the Watkins Rendezvous

The wind was strong and gusty on Friday, and boats arriving at the marina had horror stories of being bashed about by the waves and wind, so we stayed put and watched for the arrival of other Watkins owners.  

Watercolor by Ruth Bailey
Annual Watkins Rendezvous on the Chesapeake Bay (watercolor by Ruth Bailey)

The wind settled down some in the afternoon and allowed our group to have seven boats present, with several other owners driving to the site.

Saturday is traditionally a day of sailing and crewing on the boats, as well as visiting between boats and examining projects undertaken during the past year. This year included a celebration of Bill Clouse’s life, a late member of the group and owner of “Happi,” a Watkins 27.

(watercolor by Ruth Bailey)
Some of the sailors at the Watkins Rendezvous on the Chesapeake Bay.(watercolor by Ruth Bailey)

We usually end the day with a group dinner at a local restaurant, but this year’s organizer, Tom Robinson, brought dinner to the marina, a memorable feast!

(watercolor by Ruth Bailey)
Watkins Rendezvous Saturday night with food & music. (watercolor by Ruth Bailey)

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