B&A Bike Trail: Overview

The Ride:

  • Approx. 40 miles roundtrip, 50 if you add the Airport Loop
  • Several parking areas long the trail, so you can adjust the length


  • Easy along B&A
  • Moderate along BWI section


The Baltimore and Annapolis Bike Trail is a beautiful 40-mile round-trip ride from just outside Annapolis to the Baltimore airport.

B&A Bike Trail is a former railroad track, so you go through woodsy areas on the outskirts of Annapolis, through suburban towns and end at a park where you can watch the airplanes take-off or land.

BWI Bike Trail at Friendship Park
Watching planes land at Friendship Park

If you want an extra ten miles and some hills, keep going on the BWI Airport Loop around Baltimore Washington International Airport.

Top of Horseshoe Hill, where there’s a picnic table so you can sit and watch the planes

The trail is asphalt and about as smooth as it gets. Some spots are yet to be repaved, but most of the trail has been redone as of 2019.

B&A has slight inclines and declines; the only hills are to cycling/walking bridges over major highways.

BWI has a few challenging hills, but they’re up-ya-go and back down again for the most part.

You’ll cross over several wood bridges over creeks, which can be slippery when wet.

B&A Bike Trail bridge near Severna Park

The trail gets crowded on nice days along the Severna Park and Pasadena sections, and there are often fundraiser runs & rides along the trail on early Sunday mornings, occasionally Saturdays, in the Summer.

The trail typically clears out by mid afternoon on weekends. On weekdays, it’s busy in the evenings, mainly with walkers.

BWI Bike Trail along the airport

You’ll pass several popular restaurants, ice cream shops & pubs along the way, as well as convenient stores for reprovisioning. And there’s a bike shop on the trail in Severna Park.

This is a trail that’s perfect for a family ride, or just an easy on-trail ride.



B&A Bike Route Details

BWI Bike Loop Details

B&A Bike Trail South Parking Lot

B&A Bike Route Map

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