Baggie Pot Not a Crime. And Other New Maryland Laws.

Several new laws went into effect in Maryland on October 1, including the decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana. It’s a civil offense, not criminal, meaning you’ll be fined rather than thrown in jail.

Here’s a clever video that explains:

Other new Maryland laws: 

  • A one year prison term if you text while driving and cause a crash.
  • Expanded protected wild lands, from 44,000 acres to 65,877 acres.
  • You must move over not only for emergency vehicles but also tow trucks parked on the side of state roads.
  • There’s now a 6% state sales tax on purchases if you live in Maryland. That’s because Amazon opened a new distribution center in southeast Baltimore and became subject to Maryland business tax laws.
  • “Revenge Porn”, posting a sex tape or intimate photos online to harm a former partner, is illegal.
  • Reporting a drug or alcohol overdose is not a crime; the new law provides some immunity from criminal prosecution if someone is involved in the overdose.
  • Maryland joins 17 other states in barring transgender discrimination in public places.

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