i’ve always suspected that we here in the Chesapeake Bay region would have an edge during a zombie apocalypse, but now it’s confirmed and official.

To survive a zombie apocalypse, you’re going to need an ability to defend against the virus, ability to contain the virus, ability to find a cure and ability to outlast the epidemic with an ample food supply. CareerBuilder.com looked at the largest 53 cities in the U.S. and found that Baltimore and Norfolk, Virginia, were among the best for staying alive against zombies.

Best Cities

#1 Boston

#2 Salt Lake City, Utah

#3 Columbus, Ohio

#4 Baltimore

#5 Norfolk, Virginia



Worst Cities for Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

New York City


Los Angeles

Riverside-San Bernardino, California


CareerBuilder.com did a scientific survey of the cities to come up with this. They even looked for the best cities in each category. Click here to find the breakdown. Findthehome.com also came up with a few charts and graphs. We’re in a great location to survive, but not so good to defend against zombies. I guess they don’t consider islands a good defense. Ah, well.

Map of cities that can survive zombie attack

Click on map to go to the CareerBuilder.com interactive map