Bayfront Park just north of Chesapeake Beach, Maryland, is the community beach on the Chesapeake Bay. It’s hidden away and easy to miss. That’s on purpose. It’s for local residents only. However, we got a look before it closed to the public. 

About Brownie’s Beach in Bayfront Park


  • Only Chesapeake City residents allowed

This is what Chesapeake Beach used to claim as its beach. However, it is not the beach of Victorian Resort days when the town got its name. And it’s closed to the general public.

Instead, Chesapeake Beach has a big water park. If you want a beach, head to North Beach, Maryland, next door to Chesapeake Beach.

Closed sign for Bayfront Park, MD

Here’s What You’re Missing

Brownie’s Beach is in Bayfront Park, about a 5-minute walk downhill from the parking lot, down a wide asphalt walkway through woods ending at the end of a small marsh at the bottom of clay-dirt cliffs.

There are no facilities, picnic area, lifeguard, or any other amenity. The beach itself is maybe two small-town blocks long, sandy, and moderately wide. 

Bayfront Park beach is known for sharks’ teeth found washed up on the sand. You can also find sharks’ teeth at Calvert Cliff’s beach and Flag Ponds beach a few miles down the Chesapeake Bay. 

Like those two beaches, Brownie’s Beach is an all-natural, swim-at-your-own-risk beach. ‘All-natural’, in this case, means that anything that washes onto the beach stays there until moved by a visitor.


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