The zip code that most of us can’t afford to live in — 21056. That’s Gibson Island, Maryland, standing between the Magothy River and the Chesapeake Bay (one river up from Annapolis).

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Movoto Real Estate ranked all the zip codes in the U.S. for which it could find data and Gibson Island came out #1, with the average per capita income at $264,393. That’s an average for each person who lives there, including kids. It’s a gated community and Movoto points out that former Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall lived there, as well as game show host Pat Sajack and Godfrey Rockefeller (from the old-moneyed Rockefeller family). reports the average home sale on Gibson Island this fall (2014) was $1,750,000. But if this makes you feel better, that’s a 27.8% decrease from the same time last year. Despite the drop, Gibson Island is the richest zip code in the U.S. Here’s a look at some of the Gibson Island houses for sale on

Among the top 50 richest zip codes, most are in big cities or near them. Gibson Island is about an hour from Washington, DC and 30-minutes from Baltimore. Among the Chesapeake Bay region zip codes, Washington, DC was #24, Wilmington, DE #42. But while only one of our zip codes broke the top ten, it’s still a very well-to-do region. Check out all the red around the Bay on the map.

Richest zip codes map

Richest zip code compiled by Monoto Real Estate