Historic Towns of the Chesapeake Bay

C’mon. Check it out. Escape for a bit mentally and see what’s just outside your city.

The Chesapeake Bay has towns that were here before the United States existed. Many still have their original Colonial buildings. Others started as fishing villages and became local seafood hubs for blue crabs, oysters and rockfish. While some were huge Victorian summer resorts but are now boating hubs, catering to the powerboat or sailboat party scene.

Just Imagine…

Spending the day walking through history that ends with beer and crabs while a band plays nearby. Or cycling through the countryside to find a Crush at a tiki bar with a breeze and water lapping against the pilings. Better yet, splashing on a beach for a day. It’s out here, waiting to be experienced.

Explore the map to find descriptions and pictures. See what you find appealing and adventurous.

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