Elkton is the county seat and the commerce center of the area. But it got hit hard by 1970s & 80s rehabbing and Elkton’s downtown is still struggling with the aftershocks. Those were the decades of ‘urban renewal’ when old buildings were torn down and many downtowns were economic-developed to death.

Towns around the Chesapeake Bay that fought it or ignored it are finding a huge tourism nitch right now. Elkton — located on the Elk River — is not.

You may see signs advertising historic Elkton, but there’s not much there for day tripping or a weekend getaway.

The Visitors Center is closed on the weekend and every holiday possible. It has no material available recommending where to visit. Frankly, it’s tough to find things to see and do unless you have business in Elkton. The downtown mainly supports the county government and it’s activities.

Elkton, Maryland, visitors center
Elkton, Maryland, visitors center & Chamber of Commerce office. It’s closed on the weekend and every holiday.

If this changes, we’ll let you know.

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