City of Chesapeake in the Lower Bay Swamped by Dead Fish

Hundreds of dead fished have been washing ashore on the creeks and coves of Chesapeake, Virginia, between Deep Creek and Elizabeth River.

Officials say the extreme cold snap this month is the likely cause.

Mary Beht Gahan with The Virginian-Pilot reports a nearby power plant used to keep the fish in that area warm, but Dominion Power shut down the coal-fired generating plant on January 1. The Virginia Marine Resources Commission spokesman Laurie Naismith speculates the fish got caught in below-freezing temps last Sunday.

Chesapeake. Virginia, dead fish
County jail inmates clean up dead fish in Chesapeake, Virginia (Photo courtesy Bill Thompson, Virginia Marine Police)

Usually owners of the property where the fish landed would be responsible for cleaning up the smelly scene, but there’s a holiday coming; Chesapeake Sheriff Jim O’Sullivan got his inmates out there today to do the dirty work — as a public service.


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