Clearest Water in a Decade! Right now in the Chesapeake Bay.

Clear water seems to be showing up all over the Chesapeake Bay. The Chester River Association reports the clearest water in ten years. “During our routine water quality monitoring run on October 7th, we recorded a record clarity of 92 inches, or greater than 7.5 feet! (emphasis by CRA),” reports the association.

measuring clarity of Chester River
CRA Watershed Coordinator Tim Trumbauer marks the depth of clarity with a secchi disk. (photo courtesy Chester River Association)

They say the river was unusually clear throughout the Chester at the beginning of October and has pretty much stayed that way. “We were able to view the bottom in Langford Bay in over 6 feet of water,” according to the CRA newsletter. “We received calls from excited anglers who were able to spot and target fish many feet below the surface.”

Researchers think it’s due to the unusual Fall weather, beginning with Hurricane Joaquin. When the hurricane blew by us, it created a strong low-pressure system that parked for a while at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. That apparently pushed clearer, saltier water into the upper bay. The association found unusually high saline levels.

At the same time we’ve had unseasonably cold nights which have been killing off algae.

Those same cold nights and lack of rain that has caused tree and shrubs to blossom into a Fall rainbow of colors ranging from yellow to orange to red around the bay means very little sediment and other junk have washed into the bay clouding up the water.

Like they say… enjoy it while you got it.

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