Chesapeake Bay towns have been around longer than the United States has been a country. They have a lot of ghost stories.

Annapolis Ghost Tours

Annapolis Tours & Crawls – (formerly Annapolis Ghost Tours) has been offering the best in Annapolis evening entertainment since 2002! It’s consistently rated as one of the top 5 ghost tours in the nation. We take you from pub to tavern to bar, where you will hear our great ghost stories. At each bar you visit, your guide will give you plenty of time to purchase a soda, beer, or cocktail and then tell you the haunted tales of that location and those nearby. $22 for a 2-hour tour. Buy tickets: ghosttours or call for info 443-333-4774.

Maryland Governor's Mansion, Annapolis
Maryland Governor’s mansion

Annapolis Tours by Watermark – A spirited guide in Colonial costume will lead you by candlelight on an Annapolis ghost tour to explore the city’s streets. Our Annapolis ghost tours tell haunted tales of supernatural events from 1000s of years ago to continued reports today, Drowned Watermen, Ghosts of the William Paca House, The spirit of Arianna Jenning who appeared moments after her death in England below her portrait in the Little Brice House here in Annapolis, Suicides, headless apparitions, night wanderings, and grisly accidents. $18/Adults, $10/Children 3-11 for a 1.5-hour tour. 410-268-7601

Ghost Walks in Other Historic Towns

Easton Ghost Walks

Chesapeake Ghost Walk of Easton – 7:30 – 9:30 PM. Tour the historic district of Easton including the Talbot County Court House, the old jail, Tidewater Inn, Avalon Theater, the old Easton hospital, the Odd Fellows Hall, the former “Home of the Friendless”, Foxley Hall, and a walk through Spring Hill Cemetery. Tour begins at the Tidewater Inn, 101 E. Dover Street, Easton. Advance reservation required. Charge $9 – $15. per person.  Tickets & tour schedules are available online. E-mail: 443-735-0771.

St. Michaels Ghost Walks

Chesapeake Ghost Walk of St. Michaels – 7:30 – 9:30 PM. Join one of the most scenic and spooky walks on the Chesapeake Ghost Walk tours. You will hear about the Ghosts at Navy Point, Hell’s Corner, Mary’s ghost at the Town Dock Restaurant, pennies from heaven at the Victoriana Inn, and the ghost of Robert E. Lee plus many more stories and a walk through a historic graveyard. Starts at Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, 213 Talbot Street, St. Michaels. Advance reservation required. Charge $9- $15 per person. Tickets are available online. E-mail: 443-735-0771.

Cambridge Ghost Walk

In Cambridge, guests take a walk down the haunted High Street and hear about the floating ghost, the confederate soldier, Bloody Henny, Patty Cannon, family curses, grave robbers, and a singing grave.

Christ Church, Cambridge
Christ Church cemetery in Cambridge, dating back to the colonial times & the Revolutionary War

Denton Ghost Walk

This town in Caroline County has one of the most haunted sites on the Eastern Shore… the old Denton Jail believed to be haunted by Wish Sheppard.  There’s still a lot of activity in that building.  two very old graveyards, and haunted houses of doctors, sailors, sea captains, and senators.

Ocean City Ghost Walk

Tour the Inlet to 4th Street and hear about hotels still haunted by their founders, a cigarette-smoking ghost, a hanged opera singer, the ghosts of Assateague Island, murders, suicides, and accidental deaths that have caused spirits to linger.

Berlin Ghost Walk

Beautiful Victorian town famed for the very haunted Atlantic Hotel (nice ghosts) and Windy Brow.  Hear also about politicians, bankers, eccentric merchants, and a “healing tree.”

Snow Hill Ghost Walk

Snow Hill is famous for its ghost William Aydelotte, the young pharmacology student whose story was featured on the National Geographic Television Network.  William took his own life and now haunts the Snow Hill Inn.  Hear also about needlework artists, spinster sisters who loved and entertained neighborhood children, Governor John Walter Smith and the mansion he still “occupies” and the Purnells of the River House.

Governor's Mansion in Snow Hill , MD
Governor’s Mansion, Snow Hill, MD (Photo courtesy Chesapeake Ghost Walks)

Crisfield Ghost Walk

A walk through a true watermen’s town.  Hear about seafood barons who still haunt their former homes and the seafood packing houses. Hear about the only library in America that also serves as a mausoleum. Hear about the “Coasting Captain”- one of the last sea captains to operate a three-masted schooner.

Ananias Crockett House, Crisfield, MD
Ananias Crockett House, Crisfield, MD (Photo courtesy Chesapeake Ghost Walks)

Princess Anne Ghost Walk

Visit the remarkable Teackle Mansion and learn about the results of a study done by paranormal investigators.  Learn about who haunts the old jail, the firehouse, and the Washington Hotel.  Plus so much more.

Pocomoke Ghost Walk

Pocomoke, a town on the river has many rivers and forest ghosts.  This walk goes into the swampy forest (at night) and the guide will tell unnerving stories about what has been seen in that dark swampy forest.  Plus learn of a Sea Captain who walks on water, a helpful ghost in the Marva Theater, and a child in Costen House.