Corn, Cukes & Cantaloupes Nearly Gone. Still Plenty of Apples & Snap Peas.


Tomatoes aren’t going to last much longer at Chesapeake Bay region farmers markets. The USDA reports about 93% of the crop has been harvested. Potatoes are almost through too, but they’re running a little late this year so they’ll be available longer into the Fall than normal. Snap peas are also late, with about 88% picked compared to 97% this time last year.


In Maryland, corn, cucumbers and cantaloupes are nearly all harvested.

Apples are in high-gear, about half-way through their season. Apple festivals will be in abundance over the next few weeks, with pumpkins festivals coming just behind.

Here’s a list of Virginia pick-your-own apple orchards, and Maryland’s pick-your-own farms.

And for those who want local fruits and vegetables without having to travel far, Maryland has a list for that too. Check out this farmer’s market page.

Maryland Produce Chart
Maryland Produce Chart

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