Cost of crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge is about to drop $2

Driving to the Eastern Shore or Delaware/Maryland beaches from Washington, DC and Baltimore is getting cheaper. But not until July.

Maryland is lowering the Chesapeake Bay Bridge toll from $6 to $4. If you’re an EZ Pass user, it gets even better: the Bay Bridge toll will drop from $5.40 to $2.50, and the annual fee of $1.50 is being dropped.

That’s a savings of about $24 for the summer if you go to the beach every weekend — the price of a slice and a beer!

Tolls are going down throughout the state. The governor’s office estimates that’ll save drivers $270 million over the next five years. Lowell Meiser with has the statewide break-down of toll cuts.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge with cars
Chesapeake Bay Bridge (Photo courtesy Maryland Transportation Authority)

“We are proud to announce what by far is our largest tax relief package to date and marks the first time tolls have been lowered in Maryland in nearly 50 years,” says Governor Larry Hogan (R).

The Maryland Transportation Authority, which approved the new toll structure, said the state was running a surplus. Also, the newly elected governor promised in his campaign to lower tolls.

Here’s Maryland’s new toll rates and when they go into effect.

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