Cycling Rock Hall -> Eastern Neck Island: Overview

The Ride (one way):

  • Short -> 6 miles
  • Long -> 22 miles


  • Short ride -> Easy
  • Long ride -> Moderate

Rock Hall to Eastern Neck Island is a mostly-flat ride past scenic farm fields backed up to water, then wetlands and finally a small bridge onto an island that’s a national wildlife refuge with beautiful water views.

Downside: you have to ride along a highway with no shoulders. 


This is about 12-miles, round trip, from Rock Hall to the Eastern Neck Wildlife Refuge.  If you include the refuge, you add nearly six more miles and can make it a two hour ride up the island’s two paved roads and back.

The refuge hosts over 240 species of birds, but is known for its bald eagles that soar and chirp above as you cycle through. You can see hundreds of butterflies during season. During winter, tundra swan visits the surrounding waterways.

The pay-off if you do the entire route is a little history stop on one leg of the island, and beautiful water views on the other leg.

There’s not much along the route except for farm fields and natural land. So bring water and snacks because there’s no place to stop for provisions once you leave Rock Hall. You can picnic at the refuge.

Short Ride

Long Ride

Just Eastern Neck Island


Route Details


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