Two poachers charged with hunting after hours, from a vehicle, containing pot, lost their hunting licenses and gear because they shot a decoy.

David James Few, 21 of Taneytown, Maryland, and Brian Kelley Stitely, 24, of Fairfield, Pennslvania, were caught by Maryland Natural Resources Police on a stakeout on Oct. 23 last year. Police say they spotlighted and shot the agency’s “Robo-Deer” from a road in Leonardtown, Maryland.

Officers stopped the truck shortly after 10:30pm as Stitley was reloading his crossbow. Inside the vehicle, they found two crossbows, two flashlights, 4.2 grams of marijuana and a glass pipe.

Both men pleaded guiding to spotlighting, but the judge this month dismissed the other charges and citations for the loaded weapon, hunting from a vehicle, shooting from a roadway and having pot. The judge did take away Few’s hunting privileges for two years and put him on probation.

Stitely’s hunting license had already been revoked until 2019 in Maryland and 44 other states due to previous violations. Now, he’s barred from hunting until 2023.

And Robo-Deer? Police report it “suffered minor injuries” in the shooting.