Delaware’s Last Shipyard. A Place Where History Survives.

They’re gorgeous, those all-wood boats.

Vinyard wood boat in Milton, Delaware

Leigh Giangreco with DelmarvaNow visited the last remaining shipyard in Delaware, Milford Shipyard, and found a surprise inside the nondescript white building — the history of Vinyard Yachts, the shipyard that built luxury yachts from 1896-1951. These were wood-hulled boats with the latest appliances and full-size porcelain tubs.

The couple who own the shipyard now have tracked down the history of many of the boats built there and have rehabbed a few wooden yachts that they’ve come across. (One of them is pictured above.)

Former Vinyard shipyard
Vinyard Shipyard, now Milford Shipyard, is located on the Mispillion River in Milford.

Leigh tells the story of what’s inside that white building and the couple who owns it. Read Leigh’s story at

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