Elk Neck Beach

Elk Neck beach is more than the manicured, horseshoe crab-shaped beach with grassy stadium seating. More natural sandy beaches suitable for shells and sharks teeth stretch out on both sides of the main beach. 

Elk Neck State Park is at the confluence of Elk River and North East River where they meet with the Susquehanna River to form the top of the Chesapeake Bay. All that fresh water means jellyfish rarely come this far up the Bay.

The beach has a full service bathhouse, as well as a snack bar with food and beach supplies.

The large parking lot is at the top of a grassy hill with a playground and shaded picnic area.

Elk Neck State Park playground
Elk Neck beach playground at the top of the hill near the parking lot.

The hill slopes down and is a bit steep. But the grassy area is a great place to spread a towel without getting everything full of sand.

Elk Neck State Park Beach
Elk Neck State Park is located in Cecil County on a peninsula, formed by the Chesapeake Bay on the west and the Elk River on the east.

Pets are not allowed on the beach during season (Memorial Day through Labor Day weekend). Take your dog to romp the sand off season, with a leash of course.

The park is open 9am until sunset. It fills up on holidays and hot summer days, and rangers close the park when that happens. Get there early and bring your entire group. If the park is closed, your friends and family can’t get in until people start leaving and they reopen the park.

There is an entrance fee.

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