Amanda Selig posted this photo (above) on the Gunpowder Falls State Park Facebook page, a rare sight of a huge sandy beach area. Normally, the water surrounds the jetty in the background. Here’s what others are reporting in other areas of the middle and upper Chesapeake Bay.

As Meteorologist Justine Berk points out in the last Tweet, it’s a sort of perfect storm for low tide. We’re going through a sliver of a moon right now, which tends to keep tides lower and blustery winds will often blow the Bay’s water out of tributaries. So if tides are low, the current is going out and the wind is blowing strongly in the direction of the current, it can look like someone turned the spigot off. Boats end up sitting on the muddy bottom in some areas. But it’s temporary. has charted the tides in an effort to help fishermen decide when to head out.

Chesapeake Bay tides chart


Tides Chart for 2016

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