Fall Foliage Around the Chesapeake Bay

When’s the best time for that Fall road trip? October. Mid-October to be more precise, as much as it can be anyway.

SmokeyMountain.com has released its national Fall Foliage Map and leaf forecast for 2019.

Count on mid-October to start seeing fall colors in the Northern Chesapeake Bay, with leaves peaking in later October.

Annual Tug-of-War “Slaughter Across the Water” Fall festival in Annapolis

Fall colors start peaking in Virginia’s Southern Bay area late October.

Hopefully, this will help you plan reservations and weekends off.

Click on the box below to see the interactive map.

Keep checking the map for updates though.

This doesn’t account for late hurricane-season storms. If that happens, all bets are off. Boat shuttles are pulled out the water and tourist destinations have been know to close up shop and head South early in those cases.

North East, Maryland, is one of the many historic towns around the Chesapeake Bay with Fall festivals and events throughout October and into November.
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