Whadaya do if you’re a night-watchman who signs the delivery slip for three crates and they happen to contain vampires? Just do your job and secure the building, right? Filming is underway in Annapolis of a new horror/comedy called The Night Watchmen.

The Night Watchmen movie poster

Film poster for The Night Watchmen

It’s directed by independent filmmaker Mitchell Altieri and stars former baseball player (shortstop/second baseman) turned-actor Ken Arnold. He was Buzz Aldrin in Men in Black3 and has been in several independent movies.

Parts of the movie are being filmed in The Capital Gazette newspaper’s old offices in Annapolis. It’s been empty since September when the Gazette was sold to the Baltimore Sun. The building wasn’t part of the deal and is now up for sale if you have $5 million. In the meantime, it’s been turned into a movie set.

The Capital Gazette building Annapolis

The building as it was then. (Photo courtesy LoopNet Showcase Properties)

The Capital Gazette building as part of a movie:

The Night Watchmen movie

Photo of The Night Watchmen movie

Theresa Winslow with CapGazNews.com reports the movie is about three night-time security guards who end up fighting vampires at a weekly tabloid newspaper. “Think ‘Shaun of the Dead’ but no zombies,” she writes.

It’s a small budget movie in the range of $100K to $1M; the producers aren’t saying exactly.

Here’s the trailer: