Inside scoop on Chesapeake Bay Bridge traffic? Here ’tis…

Does Bay Bridge traffic seem heavier on Thursdays than Fridays these days? Why is West-bound traffic backed up when it’s normally bumper-to-bumper on the East-bound side?

The Maryland Transportation Authority often knows. And they’re sharing the info!

I just spent a couple of hours going through MDTA’s summer tweets. I was amazed at how useful — and sometimes amusing — they are. Who’da guessed it?

Here are the Best Bay Bridge crossing times:

Normal Weekends

Fridays & Sundays – before 10am or after 10pm | Saturdays – before 7am or after 5pm

Holiday Weekends

Thursdays & Sundays – before 10am or after 10pm | Friday – before 7am and after 8pm | Saturday before 10am or after 5pm.

 If for some reason, the best times are different on a given weekend, they’ll shoot out a tweet. But sometimes, there’s just no good crossing times:

Another post: “Rain, rain, not going away. Slow down, use caution and turn on your vehicle’s headlights when traveling.” They’ll even show you what’s going on via photos. Proof is in the pictures.   

Sometimes, a little travel advice is handy.

They’re getting creative and using multi-media. This video was posted on Vine as well as Twitter and shows you which exit you’re not going to take during a lane closure, because you weren’t following signs and just missed it.  

On weekdays, they turn one of the traffic cams onto an nearby osprey nest for 15 minutes a day (Tuesday through Thursday).

Here’s some general information that’s good to know:

  • The new cash toll rate for two-axle vehicles at the Bay Bridge is $4 and the new E-ZPass Maryland rate is $2.50.
  • The highway patrol will sometimes cross the bridge just to check license plates. They follow behind and call in the plate number to see if you have any violations.
  • They’ll close lanes Tuesday-Thursday for various contractor work, fixes and inspections. Could be for 15 minutes or all day.
  • There’s an MDTA blog with traffic advisories online so you can check before you go.
  • Nearly the same information is posted on the MDTA Facebook page as on the Twitter page.



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