Officials up the ante in search for bald eagle killers. $25K, if you have information.

A flock of bald eagles were found dead on the ground last weekend on a Maryland Eastern Shore farm. Officials suspect they were poisoned. It was the largest single killing of the U.S. national bird in 30 years and federal investigators have taken over the case.

A man looking for deer antlers came across four of the dead birds on the Caroline County farm. He thought they were wild turkey at first. When he realized they were eagles, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources got involved. Nine more dead bald eagles were found nearby. That’s when the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service joined the investigation.

The reward for useful information began at $2,500 and was bumped up to $10,000. Now, it’s been increased again.

Maryland DNR tweet

Officials say the eagles could have come in contact with a field chemical or rodent poisoning. They want to determine the cause to ensure it’s not a bigger problem.

Bald eagles are not an endangered species anymore — they were removed from the list in 2007 — but they do remain protected.

Federalsburg, Maryland map
Courtesy Google Maps

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