Kent Island Bike Trail – Overview


  • Short – 10-15 miles round trip
  • Long – 30 miles round trip


  • Mostly flat
  • Easy

There are a couple ways to cycle Kent Island — on the paved bike trail, or riding on the wide shoulders of the road.

UPDATE 2020: The asphalt cycling trails have been repaved and are smooth. However, they meander through woods at times. If you want a fast ride, it’s best to stick to the wide shoulders on the roads.

Wooded section elevated through tidal marsh & forest

If you’re in training or just want a longer, breezy ride, hit the shoulders along the roads up and down the island. The shoulders disappear on the Eastern end of the island, but that part of the road doesn’t see a lot of traffic.

Parts of the bicycle trail are on the should of the highway

Be aware the asphalt hiking/biking trails are short. However, if you combine the trails, and add a short jaunt along the local roads, you’ll have a flat and enjoyable long ride.

At the north point of the island, continuing north on Route 8 takes you to Love Point, adding 3.6 miles to the ride each way.

And at the south end, continue past Kent Island Pier on Kent Point Road for an extra four miles each way.

One of the several water views along the Cross Island Trail

But whether you take a short or long ride, you’ll have water views, ride past farm fields and parks, over wooden bridges, through wetlands before stopping for a great lunch and/or cocktails at one of the crab houses on Kent Narrows overlooking the water where boats constantly sail by using this Chesapeake Bay shortcut.

Restaurants along Kent Narrows just off Kent Island. A good place to find local seafood.

There are several places where you can park to create a ride any length you like. We’ll show you what’s along the trail so you can tailor your ride.

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