Cycling Beautiful Kent Island, Maryland

The Ride:

  • Short – 10-25 miles round trip
  • Long – 40 miles round trip


  • Mostly flat
  • Easy, depending on length
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Kent Island has two asphalt-paved bike trails:

  • Cross Island Trail: 6.5 miles from Terrapin Nature Park to Long Point Park
  • South Trail: 7 miles from Matapeake State Park to Romancoke Pier

But those trails don’t connect. There’s a three-and-a-half mile gap. We have a couple recommendations if you want a longer ride. One for the casual rider and another for the road warrior — on different routes.

Overview of Casual Route – 10 miles to 25 miles

The casual ride takes you on a nice tour of Kent Island turning around at Romancoke Fishing Pier with a great view of Eastern Bay.

Romancoke Fishing Pier

The routes can be shortened based on the time and energy. Pick a parking spot that works best for the length you want.

The asphalt cycling-trails were repaved in 2019 and are awesome to ride on. However, they meander through woods and can get busy, making it tough to get any speed going.

Wooded section of South Trail

The trail-route has several boardwalk bridges over the marshes. Even on the new boardwalks, the wood makes a bumpy, rough ride on road bikes. You’ll be most comfortable riding a hybrid or comfort bike.

All routes are equally flat. The only hill is the Route 50 cross-over.

Overview of Road Warrior Route – 40 miles

The Road Warrior route goes along the roads the entire length of the north/south side of Kent Island, with a side turn to the Kent Point Marina for working watermen. You can see the Bloody Point Lighthouse from there.

Kent Point Marina

If you want a fast ride, it’s best to stick to the wide shoulders on the roads.

Keep in mind that flat is not necessarily easy. You have to peddle constantly. That’s easy for short rides. It’s tough on long rides and Kent Island can get breezy on the roads. Not too bad in the woods.

NOTE: Queen Anne’s County added a nearly two mile (one-way) stretch at the end of the Cross Island Trail in 2020 that is mostly boardwalk along the water. It’s a wide boardwalk with great views. The route ends at the Cross Island Trailhead in Long Point Park, which is just a small, shady park with a parking lot containing five spaces. A bike route continues onto a residential neighborhood after that.

Kent Island’s Casual Ride for Cyclists

One of the several water views along the Cross Island Trail

The asphalt hiking/biking trails on Kent Island are short. The South Trail is six miles one way. The Cross Island Trail is five-miles one way.

If you’re riding as a family with kids, they’ll enjoy the Cross Island Trail much more. It’s more curvy, you go through woods and marshes and the scenery is constantly changing. There are also convenience stores along the way.

Both trails independently may not give you a satisfying workout. However, if you combine the trails, and add a short jaunt along the local roads, you’ll have a flat and enjoyable longer ride.

We begin the ride parking near Kent Narrows. The reason is that you’ll end the day at the epicenter for crabs, oysters, fish tacos and live music on the Eastern Shore.

Parking is under the Route 50/310 Bridge. There are lots on both sides of Kent Narrows. No charge.

Public parking under the Kent Narrows’ Route 50 bridge

From there, you find the trail next to the parking lot.

The first section is the Cross Island Trail going from Kent Narrows to the middle of Kent Island’s long portion. You’ll peddle across boardwalks over marshes, on an elevated path through pine forests and through a huge baseball park.

Cross Island Trail ends a half-mile past Love Point Road, in Terrapin Nature Park.

NOTE: The Cross Island Trailhead at Terrapin Nature Park is closed as of Fall 2021 for parking lot renovations.

Instead continuing the trail into the woods at Love Point Road, turn left onto the road and use the wide shoulder.

Love Point Road has a wide shoulder for cyclists

You’ll ride the shoulder for about 3.5 miles until getting to the next Kent Island bike trail — South Trail — near the entrance to Matapeake Beach.

Kent Island’s South Trail can be as curvy as the Cross Island Trail, but this section is more rural.

You’ll ride by the Kent Island airport, farm fields, a pretty golf course and along several residential neighbors surrounded by wide spaces.

You’ll end at Romancoke Fishing Pier, the rest stop and turnaround point.

Romancoke Pier has a restroom with flushing toilets and a drinking fountain. There are also tables available for a picnic lunch.

Romancoke Fishing Pier on a nice cycling day

When you’re ready, spin that bike around and head back the way to you came.

The ride ends back at Kent Narrows where you’ll find family restaurants featuring Chesapeake Bay seafood. The bars usually have music on the weekends as long as the warm temps hold out.

Kent Island ‘Road Warrior’ Cycling Route

Parts of the bicycle trail are on the should of the highway

If want a longer, breezy ride, hit the shoulders along the roads up and down the island. You’ll find a 40-mile ride that provides a good workout.

The route is simple: Love Point Road combined with Romancoke Road, turning onto Kent Point Road before you reach the pier.

Romancoke has a shoulder the entire way, but the turn-off from Romancoke Road — Kent Point Road — does not a shoulder. Same as with Love Point Road once you get close to the point. Those road don’t see a lot of traffic.

The only stops are the lights where the road crosses over Route 50.

There are several parking lots along the route to chose from.

It ends at Kent Point Marina where you can buy a soft beverage or beer from the marina bait shop. They also steam fresh crabs, shrimp as well as whatever veggie is in season. The marina has picnic tables under a large tree.

The route can get windy by the farm fields and other open areas.

Have a fun ride! Whichever one you pick.

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