Kent Island Trail – Details

Want to break up the ride? Here’s a few maps to help you decide. Click on the cameras to see pictures along the trail.

Cross Island Trail – 5 miles

Cross Island Trail sign

Cross Island Trail takes you from Kent Narrows, the epicenter for crabs, oysters, fish tacos and live music on Eastern Shore, to Terrapin Nature Park, probably the most beautiful beach on Kent Island.

Along the way, you cycle over the Kent Narrow draw bridge, through tidal marsh & woods, over wooden walkways bridging Chester River tributaries, past a large outdoor sports complex and though a business park where you’ll find the walkways to the beach.


South Trail – 6 miles

Kent Island South Trail
Start of Kent Island’s South Trail by Romancoke Fishing Pier

South Trail goes from Romancoke fishing pier to Matapeake Beach, a county park with a beautiful beach facing the Chesapeake Bay. It goes through woods and along farm fields. In 2019, the asphalt was fairly bumped up with tree roots in the foresty-section. Use the road’s shoulder if you’re on a road bike.

The trail ends at a big, little-used parking lot. You have to cycle a bit past the parking lot to get to the beach.

But skip the beaches. Cycle past them either way, down the wide shoulder of Route 8, across Highway 50 which separates Romancoke Road from Business Parkway, and you easily connect the two short trails.


Entire Kent Island Ride – 14 miles

Ride Kent Island
One of the several water views along the Cross Island Trail

Combine the two paved bike trails with a bit of road cycling through the middle of Kent Island and you get a nice 14 mile ride (one way) from Kent Narrows to the far end of the pier.

Or, stretch it out longer by adding road biking to the ends of either Love Point at the north end of the island (for an extra 3.6 miles each way) or Bloody Point at the south end of the island (for an extra 4.0 miles each way). Bloody Point has the bonus of a great Chesapeake Bay view.


Kent Island Parking

Kent Island has public parking at several spots along the trail.

Kent Island Parking
Romancoake pier and parking lot

Most are free, however you do pay at the Romancoke Fishing Pier parking lot at the south end of the island.

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