Markets and grocery stories in Maryland are supposed to tell you what’s local in the produce section and where it was grown. But not all do. So, here’s an update from the U.S. Agriculture Department

As of the week ending July 5, strawberry harvests are nearing completion around the Chesapeake Bay while tomatoes and blueberries are starting to come in.

Sweet corn is nearly all planted. That means it’s unlikely that much of sweet corn at the local farmer’s market is local. Corn is ready to harvest about three weeks after the “silk” starts poking out. The USDA estimates about 45% of corn in Maryland is silking compared to 12% the week before. So it’s just starting to become ripe.

Green peas are being harvested now. We’re about 46% through the pea harvest. Snap beans are still being planted, but you’ll start finding some at the farmers’ markets since 10% have been harvested so far.

Watermelons, cantaloupes and cucumbers are nearly done being planted. Cukes are starting to be picked in some areas of the Chesapeake.

Oh.. and the peach crop — coming in now — is considered 73% good and 15% excellent this year, while apples — coming in shortly and continuing through early fall — are 80% good and 7% excellent.

Maryland Produce Chart

Maryland agriculture department vegetable chart

Vegetable Harvest Chart — courtesy of Maryland Department of Agriculture