This is a story that anyone who’s been sailing on the Chesapeake Bay will appreciate: 

Experienced sailor Ron Ingraham, age 67, was on his 25-foot boat, “Malia,” between two Hawaiian islands on Thanksgiving day when disaster hit and he went missing.

Ron sent a distress signal on November 27 with his position — 46 miles out to sea. The boat had been blown off course and was taking on water.

The Coast Guard searched 12,000 square miles of ocean, but couldn’t find him. They called off the search on December 1.

Then, a distress call came in on Tuesday. “We got a mayday here. Mayday. This is the Malia. Anybody picking this up?”

The Coast Guard ramped up the search again. This time they found him. Dehydrated and hungry, but alive.

Here’s the U.S. Coast Guard-U.S. Navy video of that rescue:


Ron Ingraham's boat

The 25-foot sailboat before the incident.