What’s overregulation? What if it covers bar crawls? You decide…

A couple fun-loving girls enjoying themselves on a neighborhood bar crawl.

Or, thousands converging on the neighborhood, many of whom will get totally wasted.

Federal Hill Irish Stroll 2015
Federal Hill Irish Stroll 2015. The pub crawl includes nearly 20 bars and attracts thousands of participants.

Two different pictures of Baltimore’s Irish Strolls. Maryland state lawmakers are seeing the second have unanimously voted to regulate the crawls.

Just as the 2016 pub crawls get underway, the House of Delegates has voted to reign them in. As Sarah Meehan with the Baltimore Sun reports, the House of Delegates passed the measure 138-0. The bill now goes to the Senate, and if approved there, on to Governor Larry Hogan.

The sponsor of the proposed law, Sen. Bill Ferguson (D-Baltimore City), said it’s targeted toward large, professionally-produced crawls where participants pay a fee and bars give discounts.

“As it’s written now, the legislation would apply to any bar crawl that involves three or more bars where discounts are given during an event, which could include small, private crawls,” writes Meehan.

The bill requirements:

  • pub crawl organizers would have to get a special events permit from the city’s Transportation Department
  • but the permitting process would be overseen by the Baltimore Board of Liquor License Commissioners
  • they must apply for the permit at least 42 days before the crawl
  • organizers would pay $300 in fees
  • participating bars would each pay a $100 fee
  • it applies to bar crawls involving three or more bars that participate by giving discounts

The legislation is the result of huge bar crawls through Federal Hill, Canton and Fells Point. Some of the drinkers have a tendency to pee on neighborhood lawns and upchuck wherever they land.

Federal Hill Irish Stroll 2015
The Baltimore Irish Strolls are put on by Lindy Promotions which has a been credited with working with the community to contain party goers. This is the 2015 Irish Stroll on Federal Hill.

If the bill makes it through the state senate and is signed by the governor, the law begins July 1.

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