What Bay Crabs Used to Look Like — A Huge 9-inch Blue Crab

Over in the Delaware Bay, a waterman caught a 9-inch blue crab last month (October). Crabs this size, and this blue, used to be normal in the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays — 100 years ago.

9-inch Delaware Bay blue crab
9-inch blue crab caught in mid-October in the Delaware Bay (photo courtesy Delaware News)

Ronnie Sayers was out crabbing with his boat mate, Robbie Cadmus, when he heard Robbie yell from the back of the boat, “Good God!”

He’d just pulled up the crab pot.

In the pot was a crab is bigger than anyone remembers. Delaware doesn’t keep records, but New Jersey does and their biggest crab on record was 8 1/2 inches.

Ronnie isn’t eating this crab. He’s having it preserved and mounted.

Craig Anderson with Delaware State News talked to the taxidermist who says sometimes he’ll see a crab near that size from the Wye River or Chester River in the Chesapeake Bay, but he’s never seen a nine-inch crab from the Delaware Bay.

Read Craig’s entire story at Delaware.NewsZap.com.


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