Most Tweeted Food — in Maryland, Grits; in Virginia, Rye.

Marylanders like to talk most about their grits. That’s right. Not crab cakes. Not oysters. Grits! And in Virginia, it’s rye. Delaware, mostly about cobbler. 

Miss Shirley's shrimp & grits
Shrimp & grits, a signature dish at Miss Shirley’s Cafe (Courtesy Miss Shirley’s, 1 Park Place, Annapolis, MD)

University of Arizona, Tuscon researchers studied foods mentioned most on social media. They’re trying to learn if there’s a connection between talking about food and obesity.

They looked at more than three million tweets nationwide. And according to the report, they can predict overweight rate, diabetes rate, political leaning and where you’re from based on the region’s tweets.

Some areas of the country tweet more about dinner, other regions put the emphasis on breakfast or brunch.

But back to the tweeted food words. Nearly all the states along the southern Atlantic coast tweet mainly about grits; Virginia is the exception, as it so often is. Texas tweets about brisket, and California talks about caviar.

Top Food Tweets (in order of most to least):

  • Maryland: grits, mussels, honeydew, turnip, capers
  • Virginia: rye, punch, taro (an Asian tuber plant like a rutabaga), grits, slaw
  • Delaware: cobbler, peach, grits, halibut, whey
Map courtesy University of Arizona, Tucson "Analyzing the Language of Food on Social Media" study
Map courtesy University of Arizona, Tucson “Analyzing the Language of Food on Social Media” study

Read the study, Analyzing the Language of Food on Social Media

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