San Diego, Norfolk & Chicago called out by Naval Academy Midshipmen

Future leaders our our country wear pink rollers and ‘step’ their way down Annaolis’ Maryland Avenue and several other locations in this tight Naval Academy remix of Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk.” And in the process, punk on other port towns — San Diego, Norfolk (VA) and Chicago.

Midshipman Rylan Tuohy, choreographed and directed this trending video early on a Saturday morning before the shops opened. He did it on a “$0 budget. All Midshipmen cast and crew.” Rylan is known for his ‘spirit videos’ and won a national award in 2008. But “Naptown Funk,” at more than 300,000 views after one day, has already broken his previous record for a spirit video, the 2014 “We Give a Ship”, which captured a little more than 255,000 hits over the past year. Rylan produces top level music videos, but his major at the academy is Applied Physics.

Capital Gazette reporter Tim Prudente caught the making of the You Tube video, “Naptown Funk.”

Screenshot of Naptown Funk video
Screenshot of “Naptown Funk” video. Even the Naval Academy band joined the effort.

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