North Beach

North Beach is the type of shore town that you’d find on the Maryland ocean side; the tiny town version. 

It has a big sandy beach with a boardwalk and a pink, high-rise condo along with the typical beach shops. But it’s so small there’s only one of each beach type — market, candy store, ice cream shop, beachwear store. It does have a number of antique shops and boutiques.

The shops are kinda-sorta in the same general area within walking distance of the beach, but there’s no downtown. It’s more of a cluster along the main route past the beach.

The town centers around the big beach and it’s large parking lot. Nearly everything is within walking or cycling distance.

The beach and boardwalk are seven blocks long. There is a charge to use the beach during the summer season.

North Beach, MD
Boardwalk & bike path along the North Beach waterfront

But the upside about North Beach during the summer is that it caters to families with a beach playground and beach toy rentals.  Bonus: there’s a swimming section that’s netted to keep jellyfish out.

If you want a bit of a nightlife, you have to go a mile or so south to Chesapeake Beach. That’s where you’ll also find a water park and nightclubs. But no public beach.

It is a getaway town and you’ll find small cottages for weekend or summer rentals, but there’s no motel in town. It’s that small.

The normally sleepy town fills up during major summer and festival weekends. They have summer concerts; movies on the beach; annual wine, spririts and craft beer festival and many more special events.

The Dragon Boat Festival is Chesapeake Bay residents gone wild.

2017 Dragon Boat Festival Highlight Video from End Hunger In Calvert County on Vimeo.

Check out the town’s events page for dates and times for major events planned throughout the year.

North Beach, MD
The north side of North Beach without the playground. Much smaller section of sand.
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