Osprey are back. Live cams are being switched on across the Bay

Osprey have returned to the Chesapeake Bay region because it’s mating time. Of course, people want to watch.

Ospreys are hawk-like birds that like to eat fish. Actually, some people call them fish-hawks. As many as 10,000 pairs breed in the region—close to one-quarter of the osprey population in the contiguous U.S., according to the Chesapeake Bay Program.

Ospreys are a symbol for area residents. Their return to the area is a sign of Spring, which means boating season, fishing seasons, cycling, and so on are starting. Watching them on a spy-cam has turned into a regional live reality show.

Watchers have been known to get a little too invested in the birds as if they’re part of a soap opera. State, local and conservancy officials get calls from viewers asking them to do something about the bird drama underway at the time. Just so you know: they don’t. Officials let the natural way of things run their course.

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