Oxford (MD) Beach

Oxford, Maryland, now has a public beach with facilities.

100 Morris Street, Oxford MD 21654

Oxford got a new waterfront during the COVID Pandemic of 2021. The village was already working on a new design of its Strand Beach due to erosion. They added granite boulders that gradually give-way to a sandy beach.

Strand Beach

The blocks-long narrow sandy area below a cement wall was replaced with a shorter–but wider–beach. Just past the beach, on the other sider of Strand Street, is a parking lot with portable toilets in a new beach hut and an outdoor shower.

Oxford Town Park

The pretty little beach in Oxford Town Park across from the Oxford Museum has given way to water grasses and is now a Chesapeake Bay sunset viewing site with a grassy stadium seating

The park could be a setting for a Georges Seurat painting. It has a beautiful view of the river with benches and picnic tables to watch the water through a canopy of tall, old trees. A new addition at the water’s edge — a long swing-set that allows kids, and adults, to swing facing the water.

What Else?

There’s a little grocery store across the street that sells sandwiches, wine, cheese and other supplies. Tucked next to the marina across town is the Scottish Highland Creamery (314 Tilghman Street), a must-stop for locals visiting Oxford.

Adults looking for libations in an historic setting should check out the historic Robert Morris Inn. Built in 1710, it’s the oldest full-service Inn in America and has an outside bar, as well as inside bar.

Several other popular restaurants are scattered throughout town, but Oxford is a tiny town with not much else there.

One Last Note: Watch your speed in Oxford. They are very strict!

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