Cambridge Has Its 1st Oyster Shucking House in 50 Years

The “world’s oldest crab company” is back into oysters. JM Clayton Company in Cambridge hasn’t shucked an oyster in 50 years. The bottom fell out of Chesapeake Bay oysters in the 1960s and JM decided to focus on the profitable, crab-picking side of the company.

Cambridge Creek oyster shucking house
Cambridge Creek Inc. opens 1st oyster shucking house in Cambridge since the 1960s

Tyler Butler with WBOC reports the new venture is called Cambridge Creek Inc. Right now they have three shuckers keeping Snappers Restaurant in Cambridge stocked with oysters, and they’re testing a retail store in Pennsylvania.

The head of the new company, Joe Brooks, points to the Bay’s record oyster harvests the past two years making Chesapeake oysters in demand outside the region.

“It takes us a little while to get going,” says Joe, “but we thought we would try it, keep us a little more busy in the winter.  Winters can be long around here.”

See a video of Tyler’s report at WBOC.

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