Pumpkin Prices Are Up. But Local Sellers Aren’t Showing It.

Maryland pumpkins
Photo courtesy University of Maryland Extension

Blame California. Most pumpkins come from California and the state is in a drought. Their pumpkins are smaller and costing about 15% more this year. Illinois is the second largest pumpkin producer.

Elisha Sauers with the Annapolis Capital Gazette reports the best prices can be found with local growers.

“A good pumpkin crop means hardy stems, a thick, durable rind and a nice bright orange color,” she writes. “That only happens when the weather cooperates. Pumpkins need a mild summer and not too much rain.”

The USDA says the price of Virginia pumpkins are down this year, from $90-$125 per bin in 1013 to $80-90 per bin in 2014. A “bin” holds about 30 to 40 pumpkins.

The Gazette reports that local growers are holding steady on prices with one grower still selling all the pumpkins you can carry for $20. Read Elisha’s full story here.

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