Punkin Chunkin Takes Another Hit. The Organization’s Leader Quits.

For those of you not familiar with Punkin Chunkin, it’s a big deal in Maryland’s Eastern Shore/Delaware. People — mainly men — who seem normal in everyday life put a lot of effort into building big machines, then dress in all sorts of costumes, just to throw pumpkins across a farm field.

To justify such behavior, they made it into a fundraiser for a number of charities, including Autism Delaware, Meals on Wheels and homeless veterans.

This has been going on since 1986. Then, in 2011, a volunteer had an accident with an ATV and sued the farmer who owns the land. The farmer said no more chunking pumpkins on his property.

Sussex County, Delaware, tried to save the event by moving it to Dover International Speedway, but it wasn’t big enough. Chunkin’ was cancelled this year (2014) for the first time in the nearly 30 years of the event.

That threw everything into a tizzy. Now, Punkin’ Chunkin President, John Huber, is calling it quits.

DelmarvaNow’s Jon Offredo, reports President Huber sent out an email —

“I am resigning this year. Not for the bullies in this organization because they don’t scare me or add any value to you, they are shameful. I am resigning because I just don’t need it, I held this position for the best of the chunk always, always first…,” Huber wrote in the email. “I don’t care about the pat on the back that some need to lead. I have always put the chunk and it’s interest first, no facts will ever show different.”

Various officials vow to keep the chunkin’ going. The current record was set last year, using an air cannon, just 586 feet shy of a mile.

Now that’s a record waiting to be broken.

In the meantime, the organization’s website continue to countdown the days until the “First Chunk of 2015,” scheduled for November 6-8 in about a year.

DelmarvaNow continues to follow the story.


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