Rare opportunity to buy a Chesapeake Bay lighthouse. A little fixer-upper opportunity.

A northern Chesapeake Bay lighthouse is for sale.

Original hardwood floor in both of its rooms. Comes with a fresh water supply system (the roof). Bring your contractor; electric may need some upgrading. 360-degree water view. Could be considered “waterfront.” No yard to maintain.

The federal government is auctioning off  the Craighill Channel Lower Range Front Light Station, about two miles off shore from North Point State Park.

But you’re buying history. The lighthouse is at the start of the channel that goes from the mouth of the Patapsco River to Baltimore Harbor

According to the General Service Administration, which is handling the auction:

The historic caisson type light station was first lit in 1873. The cast iron caisson rests upon driven wood piles below the 1.5 story cylindrical keeper quarters with perimeter gallery deck. The cast iron lantern room tops the structure approximately 25 feet above the surface of the water.

This lighthouse is unique because it has two lights; the only one of its kind in the Bay. It also comes with a fog horn, turned bell (in 1923), turned electric whistle in (1932).

They point out that you only get the lighthouse. No land goes with it. The Chesapeake Bay bottom remains the property of the federal government.

Water for the lighthouse is collected from the roof and stored in 500 gallon drums. And, there’s davits to hang a 16-foot and an 18-foot skiff once you get home. Electricity its provided via generators. No mention of bathroom(s).

The living space, which includes two rooms, one on each of the two floors, was enough space to house two people up until the lighthouse was automated in 1964.

Not much work on the place since then. It’s been held by a not-for-profit since 2005 which failed to restore the lighthouse. However, the automated flashing beacon still works and is in use today.

The new owner will have to maintain the 144 year old structure. And it needs a bit of work.


And, please note, there’s only entrance into the lighthouse, so far.

Entrance to Craig Hill Channel Lighthouse
Entrance to Craig Hill Lower Front Channel Lighthouse (photo courtesy GSA)

The auction ends September 15, 2017.

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