What’s a sheepshead fish? It has human-like teeth for one thing, used to nibble on crustaceans. It’s also considered to be tasty to eat.

And a Deale Island resident caught the biggest one yet in the Maryland end of the Chesapeake Bay.

Dave Alveberg caught the 13.73-pound sheepshead on August 17 off South Marsh Island near Tangier Sound.

He was trying to catch white perch and rockfish, using soft crab as bait.

Alveberg says he was in four feet of water when his line went “haywire.”

“Seeing something like this on my boat was amazing,” Alveberg said.

The sheepshead is also called a “convict fish” because of its black stripes.

The sheepshead’s weight was confirmed by Brent Malone of How Sweet It Is, a market in Somerset County. The catch broke the previous record 13.3-pound fish caught by Dan Thomas in 2016.

Alveberg will get a plaque from the state certifying his trophy fish. But this fish won’t be eaten. He’s having it mounted instead.