Don’t judge, yet! There’s a story behind this pic.

60-year old Renald Guindon of London, Canada, anchored in Annapolis to outfit his new boat before sailing it north for the summer. He threw his roller blades into the inflatable kayak, paddled to shore and bladed up main street to the nearest grocery store.

Ren Guindon Ren Guindon Ren Guindon IMG_1156 Ren Guindon Ren Guindon Ren Guindon
Ren "Ubered" back to Annapolis' City Dock, where he'd left the inflatable kayak, and piled his in groceries carefully inside for the paddle back to the boat, which was on a mooring ball in the Annapolis harbor. He's still wearing his bag-shirt. Graul's provided him with new grocery bags.


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